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Sweet Valley Twins

Sweet Valley Twins LJ Community
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Welcome to svtwins, a Sweet Valley community with a focus on the
middle school years of the Wakefield twins. This includes series such as
Sweet Valley Twins/Sweet Valley Twins and Friends, The Unicorn Club, Team Sweet
Valley, Sweet Valley Junior High and... I think that's it. Let me know
if I've missed something.

-The usual politeness/no flaming rules apply, as does the one about
no adults-only content.
-Please stick to discussing the middle-school-aged series. Using the letters
"SVH" isn't punishable by death or anything, but it would
be better if we could try and stick to SVT. SVH centred conversations are
more than welcome over at sweetvalley.
-Please don't promote a non-Sweet Valley related community.

sweetvalley - The original Sweet Valley community
Sweet Valley Twins RPG at GreatestJournal

, your
Unicorn President
Evil Overlord
Mod, isabelquinn